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Future Fit

Even when the world is being impacted by the pandemic, American Express never failed to impress the members and has kept on coming with new offers for all the card members like American Express Future Fit offer which they launched recently.

After the American Express Audible offer, they came up with the American Express Future Fit offer which was made available in partnership with Future Fit. You can enroll in this offer without any fee for a limited time to take a trial.

With the American Express Future Fit offer, you are eligible to enjoy 2 months of Future Fit membership for free even on premium cards like the American Express Platinum card along with all the other offers.

American Express Future Fit offer Eligibility

The offer is currently available for :

  • US-based American Express card Holders.
  • To the new Future Fit Subscribers.
  • The offer currently is only available between 20th October 2021 till April 30th, 2022 for open enrollment.

What is Future Fit

Future Fit is Not just an app, not just a personal trainer. It’s the future of fitness. Future Fit program helps you provide a seamless fitness environment with the most technologically advanced fitness program.

You get your own personalized fitness program. As you are not just an average person, the program is also not an average program but is built entirely as per your requirement and is completely unique.

Future Fit

All these benefits make the Future program the most personalized fitness experience possible.

Overall, the Future fit program also utilizes immersive technology like your phone, your smartwatch, and even your TV to manage your fitness experience.

This program provides you the details starting from your BPM to cardio performance to miles run, and it keeps a good track like where exactly you stand and which area needs an improvement.

With this program, you can :

  • Meet Your Coach
  • Set Your Goals
  • Go Further
  • Immerse Yourself

The Enrollment procedure

  • You can directly go to
  • Click on Login to your online account as prompted.
  • Click on Redeem the offer and the offer will be activated.

Things to keep in mind

If you no longer wish to enroll in the American Express Future Fit offer after the 2-month trial, please ensure to cancel the services with Future, else you would start seeing the charges of $149 monthly.

When submitting the cancellation request, please notify Future at least 24 hours in advance else you would still be charged for the renewal month after trial 2 month period.

You can reach out to Help at their Help center page or can email them at for cancellation or enrollment questions and concerns.

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In the Covid phase, when our life is being impacted both mentally and physically American Express came up brilliantly with the Future fit offer.

With this offer all the members are eligible to enjoy a 2-month Free trial offer to Future, a fitness and training app that allows members to connect with a real personal trainer and get a personalized fitness plan delivered to their phone, every week.

This plan helps you get connected to like coach with no prior appointment at any point in time. You can discuss all the queries you have and will have direct access to your Future Coach.

They are the expert personal trainers who will design a plan specifically for you as per your goals and your available schedule.

Every week, you will get a new workout set building off your accomplishments and feedback from the last week.

Along with your membership, you’ll also be getting an Apple Watch (with a fully refundable deposit) which will help you and your coach track your real-time progress and the area of improvement which can be worked upon.

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