American Express Offering Credit Limit Enhancement Through Email

American Express aka AMEX this week sent a credit limit enhancement email to most of their customers offering a higher credit limit.

Credit Enhancement is only offered to a cardholder every six months, but to everyone’s surprise, AMEX started sending this limit Enhancement email starting 21st July 2021.

Customers were very static to find this small gift from Amex and are certainly praising them for this initiative on Twitter and other social media channels.

But some people are waiting for this email, so today we explain what’s the process and how you can get your Credit card limit increased as well.

Eligibility for AMEX Credit Limit Enhancement

Credit limit enhancement is a big milestone for every cardholder and since they can apply for it only two times a year, a sudden offer like this is always a plus.

If you are someone who has already received the email, then you are already eligible for the higher credit limit offer.

So just go ahead and complete the process mentioned in the email, we will also be sharing it below.

But if you are someone, who has still not received the limit enhancement email, then check if you are eligible or not.

Here are some of the eligible criteria.

Account must be 3 months old

Even though this has not been officially stated by the American Express team in the email, this eligibility criteria is a given.

If you are a new Amex customer and it has been less than 3 months since you received your American Express credit card then there’s a chance that you might not get this credit limit enhancement email.

Account in good standing

This is the second most important thing in order to be eligible for this offer.

It was clearly mentioned in the email that this offer is extended to customers having a good track record with the company only.

All your past payments must have been on time with no red flags raised on your credit card account.

How to redeem the Credit Enhancement offer

To be able to redeem this offer, you must have received an email first. The Email should look like this.

Amex Higher Credit Limit Offer

At the end of the email, it is clearly stated that you can “Accept your higher limit in one click”.

All you need to do is click on the Enroll now button and the credit limit process will start.

It takes less than 10 seconds to take effect. You will get a confirmation email saying “Your credit limit
was successfully increased!”.

Credit Limit Enhancement Successful

Feel free to log in to your American Express website or app to find out if the Credit limit has been increased or not.

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